These cases often are handled within the Federal system. However, counties with larger prosecutors’ offices like Travis County have their own White Collar Crime units.

While collar cases generally involve fraud of some type: Workers’ Comp Fraud, Insurance Fraud (including medical) and even Welfare Fraud. These cases can go in many different paths depending upon what type of case is being worked on. White collar cases are paper (now computer file) intensive and we may need to obtain the services of a forensic accountant to create spreadsheets and timelines to track the monies and transactions deemed to be fraudulent.

These cases can also be quite embarrassing for the individual having first contact with the criminal justice system. This can involve people with professional licenses which we need to seek to protect. At times this entails bringing in lawyers from other disciplines to help protect the client. For example, if a doctor is accused, we may need to bring in a lawyer skilled with the medical licensing board. We will also need to know what the standard of care is in the field for example if a doctor is accused of insurance fraud in ordering tests that are not necessary under the circumstances—perhaps experts will say that they absolutely are.

We are here to navigate you through this process and go over with you document by document what the Government alleges is the source of the accusation. And, once again, we will be ready for trial.

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