The state says you’re guilty, but they have to go through us. Over 20 years of criminal law experience on your side - representation you can trust! We challenge the State and Feds on the toughest cases. We welcome cases other lawyers are not equipped to handle or do not want to take. Working with Brand & Resendez Law, you get the benefit of a former prosecutor fighting for you!

State & Federal Drug Cases

Whether you are dealing with a state or federal drug charge we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to guide you.

Intoxication / DWI Cases

As with White Collar Cases, these cases often bring people into the criminal justice system for their first time ever. Most of us drink socially. Many of us fail to plan ahead for how we are getting home in the event we have consumed too much alcohol. Intoxication offenses are odd cases to be handled by the criminal justice system for this reason: There is no requirement of criminal intent.

Family Violence Cases

This is the second highest type of hot-button politicized case the criminal justice system deals with. The stigma of these cases is fast approaching the stigma of sex crime cases. The mere accusation of an assault involving family violence can lead to someone losing his job and being publicly ostracized.

Sex & Violent Crimes Cases

The mere accusation that a person has committed a sex crime (especially against a child) will turn that man’s life upside down. Loved ones and friends he thought he had will quickly turn their backs on him for fear the charge is true, but also if the charge is publicized (which it often is) to avoid association with him in the public eye. This is a time of vulnerability and will often be the person’s lowest point. We don’t judge our clients, period.

White Collar Crime Cases

These cases often are handled within the Federal system. However, counties with larger prosecutors’ offices like Travis County have their own White Collar Crime units. While collar cases generally involve fraud of some type: Workers’ Comp Fraud, Insurance Fraud (including medical) and even Welfare Fraud. These cases can go in many different paths depending upon what type of case is being worked on. White collar cases are paper (now computer file) intensive and we may need to obtain the services of a forensic accountant to create spreadsheets and timelines to track the monies and transactions deemed to be fraudulent.

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