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The state says you’re guilty, but they have to go through us. Over 20 years of criminal law experience on your side - representation you can trust! We challenge the State and Feds on the toughest cases. We welcome cases other lawyers are not equipped to handle or do not want to take. Working with Brand & Resendez Law, you get the benefit of a former prosecutor fighting for you!

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State & Federal Drug Cases

Whether you are dealing with a state or federal drug charge we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to guide you.

DWI Cases

As with White Collar Cases, these cases often bring people into the criminal justice system for their first time ever.

Sex and Violent Crimes

The mere accusation that a person has committed a sex crime (especially against a child) will turn that man’s life upside down.

Family Violence Cases

This is the second highest type of hot-button politicized case the criminal justice system deals with.

White Collar Cases

These cases often involve tax fraud, securities fraud, and Medicaid fraud, to name a few.


From your first meeting in our firm, we know you will recognize this is more than what you expected out of a law firm. We pride ourselves on professionalism in and out of court, our accessibility (our clients know they can set up an appointment and speak with us when they would like and will often email us directly about any questions or concerns), and our passion for the law. We respect the hundreds of years law in this country has been practiced before us, have studied so many of the cases and techniques of the criminal law masters and strive each day to use this knowledge to be better able to serve our clients.

We take the presumption of innocence to heart and truly presume our clients are innocent. In a system where Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, and court staff rely so much on what the police state happened on their arrest paperwork, we know from experience how one-sided that paperwork can be. We have seen it all, from flat out lies in paperwork, to what is more common (the omission of crucial facts which would support the innocence of the charge). We see this happen daily and this is why you need someone who will actually fight for you and not just say they will. Read More—>



Jail Release in Austin, TX

Jail Release

Your loved one has been arrested on the side of the road in the middle of the night, or at work, in the middle of the day for all to see. Read more...

Legal Defense

The Defense

One of the biggest frustrations with the criminal justice system is how long things seem to take. Read more...

Legal Sentencing


There are times when our clients have broken the law and the State can prove it. However..



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