What is SR-22 Insurance?

It is not actually an insurance policy. It is also called a Certificate of Financial Responsibility. It is a form filed with the State proving that you have the minimum liability insurance required for your state. While you have SR22, DPS will be notified if you have a lapse in your auto insurance or cancel your auto insurance. It is used by DPS to verify that you have minimum liability insurance following a DWI conviction, while you have an Occupational Driver’s License, after convictions for no insurance, or following an accident without insurance.

Who needs SR-22 Insurance?

People who have been convicted of DWI, people who want to get an Occupational Driver’s License while their license is suspended, people with a second conviction for “no liability insurance,” or people who have had their license suspended after a crash.

Can you get SR-22 from your Insurance Company?

Yes, you can call your insurance company and let them know you need an SR-22. Some insurance companies will provide you with an SR-22 for no additional charge, while others will add a fee. You can also choose to purchase a non-owner’s policy from a separate company. Some client’s worry that their rates will go up by using their insurance company, so they choose to go to a separate company to purchase the SR-22 Insurance.

Where can I get a “non-owner’s SR-22?”

There are lots of companies that offer SR-22 that a Google search will bring up, but Speedy SR-22 is a company we have worked with in the past who do a great job.

I purchased SR-22 Insurance, now what?

We ask that our client’s send us a copy of the SR-22 Certificate. If we are using the SR-22 Insurance to get you an Occupational Driver’s License, we will need a copy for the Court.

What does an SR-22 certificate look like?

SR-22 certificate

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