What Happens

One of the biggest frustrations with the criminal justice system is how long things seem to take.

For misdemeanor cases it may be months before you see a courtroom because of crowded court calendars and waiting on DWI videos or blood testing results.

We can take advantage of this time by having our clients obtain character statements on their behalf, and attending some counseling or classes up front, which prosecutors normally require for better deals.

The goal is always a dismissal, which in some cases is not realistic.

Clients often want to know the “odds” of a dismissal or the “odds” of staying out of jail.

The truth is that we cannot even begin to analyze the case until we have the complete police report as well as the videos and bodycams in the case and these sometimes take a few months to get.

We are always looking at your case from two angles:

  • How can we get the best results which suits your needs; and
  • How successful could we be if we brought the case to trial and argued that you are Not Guilty of the offense. We then analyze the risks to you in the event things do not go well at trial.

We are a firm that puts your needs first but we are ready, willing and able to go to trial on any case.

For felonies, the landscape is slightly different but the timetable is similar, often taking several months to over a year to get through the system.

For the most serious accusations, where the bond is too high for someone to get out, the wait in jail can be over a year, as DNA testing from the Texas Department of Public Safety (if that is the lab being used) can take over a year to test samples. These larger cases of murder or sexual assault often have hundreds of pieces of evidence to sort through which we analyze and also will perform our own investigation. The police investigation is almost always one-sided and we need the investigation from your point of view. Often it is necessary to obtain an investigator, a forensic psychologist, a firearms examiner and a medical examiner to properly evaluate the larger felony cases.

After reviewing all information available, we then do all we can to provide you with options to suit your needs. Some people would rather plead guilty and accept probation rather than risk a jail sentence. Others would like to see if we can change the charge so that it will have the least impact on their job or professional licensing. Others do not mind risk and would like to take their case to trial. We are always exploring all of these options, and you will go forward knowing you have made the most informed decision. When the case is finished our goal is that the client knows we left no stone unturned and did everything possible for the client.